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                                                        7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

                                                                                Terms and Conditions

Our program allows you to exchange the used car you are now purchasing for any other vehicle in our inventory at the time of exchange, provided of course, you can qualify for the financing.

The 7 Day Exchange Privilege expires at the close of business on the 7th day after delivery of your eligible vehicle.

You must make an appointment with your salesperson to arrange the exchange.  The following additional terms and conditions apply to the exchange of your vehicle. 

  1. Qualified vehicle must have no more than 1000 miles on its odometer at the time of exchange than represented on the purchase contract. 
  2. Qualified vehicle must be returned to El Centro Motors for exchange before close of business on the 7th day after purchase. 
  3. Qualified vehicle must be returned in the same condition as it is now.  Any damage or missing equipment will void the exchange. 
  4. The customer must re-qualify for credit, if any, to be advanced by a lending institution on the exchanged vehicle.  El Centro Motors cannot guarantee financing with respect to the exchange vehicle.
  5. Exchanges may be transacted only at El Centro Motors during normal business hours, and must be approved by a Sales Manager.
  6. The "7 Day Exchange Privilege" may be exercised by you only once.  Vehicles obtained by you under the program are not eligible for a second exchange. 
  7. Your total purchase price, including tax, license, and documentation fees, will be applied toward the exchange purchase.  This is the amount shown at Line 5, Page 1 of your Purchase contract under the heading "Itemization of Amount Financed".
  8. El Centro Motors has the unilateral right to rescind the original deal in lieu of an exchange.  Of course, you are under no obligation to exchange the vehicle you are now purchasing.  However, if you desire to exchange it, the above terms and conditions will apply. 
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